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Newsletter June 2017

Newsletter June 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to winter time!
Today I had an early, chilly start taking the E type out to Greerton to get it's WOF and then in to 3rd Ave Harcourts to uplift some keys for a property settlement.
Naturally I drove topless which scared a few as I passed by!😂
Nah just kidding.... I had my flying jacket on but no hat and my head was a bit chilly.


We have recently employed a fantastic, switched on PA ... Dianne Fearns. She has already made a difference in our being more organised and has certainly upped our game in our social and digital marketing and running our website correctly not to mention keeping me in line. She is great and Robyn and I are so lucky to have her.😄


Property listings are starting to appear and there are still plenty of buyers around. Today we had 4 different couples out looking in Bethlehem and two enquiries on our new listing at 70 Omokoroa Road with booked in visits for later in the week...Wow, this property has the lot! Awesome views, council approved granny flat, triple garaging, workshop, caravan/motor home park, privacy and all day sun. Constructed from brick and shiplap type redwood weatherboard. Did I mention the views?... fantastic!
It doesn't get much better than this one!
If you want to take a peek at this you can see the photos on our TEAM GODFREY website....teamgodfrey.harcourts.co.nz

Another great new listing we have is located in Westridge Park, Tauriko. Not far from where we live in fact. 17 Wallace Place, a great weatherboard home on a private rural-residential sized section close to Bethlehem schools, shops and medical etc. this one is also going to auction in a few weeks.
Great potential to increase value here!


We took our two girls (Chihuahuas) out for a walk the other day over to the Lakes. A great place to take your dogs for a walk or children to the playgrounds. This Lakes area is becoming more sought after now as Bethlehem and Tauriko have increased in value so much and there are few if any sections available around these two areas.
There are nice cafes and eating places also.


Robyn's sister Jeannine had some of their lovely kiwifruit gold dropped off to us at the office the other day.... great feed had by all and what lovely fruit to have with our cereal each day! Thanks Ninky.👍

There seems to be roadworks popping up around the place lately.... I wish they would just get on with it and get it done. Am I being grumpy or what?


We sold another couple of really nice properties last month without signs or advertising using our "secret squirrel" method. Top prices and happy customers all.
More to come soon.

It's quite interesting to see all the "team this" and "team that" popping up in the real estate selling world these days....Robyn and I have been TEAM G (Team Godfrey) since the early 1980's..... Really! I guess we should be flattered.
So now we are TEAM G Classic Land Agents.

I guess most of you will have read the articles lately saying the property market is down and things are slowing down. Well, we'll let you know when this is true in our patch. I can tell you it is not slowing down in Bethlehem, Tauriko, Pyes Pa and The Lakes! It's still humming and we are still needing more listings that's for sure.


It's time for me to sign off now.... phone is beeping with another query with one of our new listings.....better go!
So, take care, be brave and remember....

"Don't ever let anyone live rent free in your head"