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Newletter August 2017

Real Estate Update with Team G

Hi from sunny Tauranga. It's time!
I've just been watching a few posts on Facebook lately and one was quoting areas and the sales values of certain areas and their potential value in coming months/years.

Well, after over 20 years marketing and selling property in Tauranga I think I should put these quotes where they belong... in the bin!

Tauranga is rapidly expanding and sale prices have been ever increasing for years now.
Areas like Bethlehem, Matua, Avenues, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa Omokoroa and Tauriko have had many sales over $1 million dollars and in fact many of those areas have had those sale figures for years.

As I quoted a few scribes ago, Tauriko had a couple of months there where the average sale price for those months was $1.880,000.

Bethlehem is now a very desirable location for those wanting preferred schooling, access to the city, local facilities such as medical, dental, cafes, restaurants etc.

To buy a property there with good history, construction and in good condition $650,000 is pretty much the starting point however there have been sales for less due to various issues of condition, desirability etc. etc. and the same applies to the other areas mentioned above. However, there is very little down at the mid $600k level.
We have recently sold some residential Bethlehem properties for $1.3 million, $1.5 million and $1.670,000 and another in Omokoroa for over $1.1 million.

Our lovely Personal Assistant, Dianne Fearns has settled in well and has sorted our office, sorted our social media, sorted our systems and sorted me.

It's now that time when our real estate signs are competing with the various election campaign signs..... sad to see some being damaged and it is a reflection of the mentality of some of the "poor little me" people who have a negative mindset and just can't seem to accept that the world does not owe them a living. The signs are only there for a short time so roll with it I say.

It will be great to leave the winter months even though we did just have a brilliant holiday in Fiji with friends. Dianne did a great job looking after things while we were away.

It won't be very long until we start seeing more and more electric vehicles on the road.
Robyn has been driving her hybrid Lexus now for about 3 years and we love it. No plugging in at all and it self charges when decelerating and braking...... fantastic economy!
As to what I will eventually replace my SUV with is a very good question. I have no idea but paying much less to run a vehicle is so tempting. I'm not sure about electric though.

Real estate listings are becoming less at the moment therefore it is fast becoming a sellers time. Less competition (houses on the market) and more buyers still wishing to move to and around our Tauranga paradise.

With that in mind, should you want to sell you can call us and it is likely we already have a buyer on our database to show!
True story!

Anyway, that's enough from me.
Catch you again soon.... SteveG

"Some will, Some won't, So what,
Who's next?