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Meet our Auction Team

Meet Our Auctioneer

Nigel Guyot - Harcourts Auctioneer

With a strong background in communications, Nigel brings a wealth of experience and versatility to his clients.


A former Event Operations Manager, he learned early in his career the ability to negotiate the best price, to work under pressure and meet deadlines, and above all to ‘get the job done’. It is these skills that make the transition into Real Estate a seamless one for Nigel. He loves people and has an undying enthusiasm for exceeding expectations. Outside of selling, Nigel loves spending time with his family.


He has been an inventor and has the ability to think outside the square to get a result. His most recognised invention is the Tubemate, which to date has sold 1.6 million units and also won ‘Best Gift’ at the 2004 Toronto Gift Fair. “Nigel has incredibly high standards in everything he does and has great attention to detail. He also has a high degree of integrity and an excellent moral compass.


Not only has he been responsible for key aspects of our operations, he has also had significant authority in relation to financial transactions.” Dave Mee, General Manager SMC Events Ltd, Auckland. “In the 33 years I’ve known him, Nigel has been innovative, industrious, meticulous and reliable.


He is well organised, disciplined, confident, and always completes what he sets out to do.” Chris O’Dell, Company Director – Motivational Speaker, Christchurch.

Meet our Auction Team

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